Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Modern Technology _ reem Soleimani

No one can deny the importance of "Modern Technology" in our life. We can't do without modern technology as it has become part and parcel in our daily life. We must know that modern technology has a lot of advantages and disadvantages but If it has any bad effects or disadvantages, they will be of no importance, if outweighed by its marvelous merits and benefits.
As for advantages, Technology is everywhere nowadays. In my opinion, it has made our life comfortable and easy in almost all fields. It has played a great role in the medical field, the industrial field, the agricultural field … etc. it has helped all kinds of people through its marvelous benefits. No doubt it has changed our life to the better.
As for disadvantages, technology causes most of the pollution in the world and a lot of diseases due to being exposed to its various shapes like, the computer, the machinery, the X-ray machine, the mobile and so on.
To end this amazing topic, I want to say that without modern technology, there will be no life on earth as it has occupied a remarkable position in our life. I can say that it runs our life completely.
To sum up, modern technology is indispensable whatever drawbacks it has as it can help man more than harm him. This means we must benefit from the advantages and make full use of them and take care of the disadvantages by taking the strict measures and precautions to protect ourselves from its harms and dangers. Finally, Let me say that "Technology 
is Life".
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